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The Stages of Revising a Dissertation into a Book

Featured in the Journal of Scholary Publishing

As an academic writing coach and developmental editor, I have worked with scores of humanists and social scientists on successfully revising their dissertations into books. A first step in revision is understanding the distinctiveness of the academic monograph as a genre, particularly its requirements in terms of scope, voice, and through-line. In this article, I describe the common stages of reconceptualizing the project and revising the text, as well as the strategies I have found effective in helping authors move through the stages as adeptly and efficiently as possible.

On Writing Habits and Habitats

Emory University

Commit to Submit: 5 Steps to Journal Article Publishing Success

Text and Academic Authors Association

Other Resources

I recommend these 2 articles by Prof. James Muholland, published in the Journal of Scholarly Publishing, that describe lessons he learned as he revised his dissertation for publication and then saw his first book through the publication process.

What I’ve Learned about Revising a Dissertation

What I’ve Learned about Publishing a Book

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