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"If you are sitting on a project and not making much progress, Amy is the answer. I worked with her for four months and my book was accepted by the top press in my discipline. Amy does three key things. First, she helps you understand that the goal is to move your manuscript to the next level. Second, she knows how to get you there by helping you set aside your imposter syndrome and set aside your perfectionism.

--Associate Professor, PhD Political Science

“This book would not have happened without Amy Brown, (in perhaps what was my most important internet conquest to date), who provided the steady hand, brilliant insights, and ability to take my energy from a 7 to an 11.”

---Education and Public Policy Scholar

"Amy was an invaluable source of expertise in my transition from journal article writing to book writing. Her approach to everything from helping me think about big-picture issues to the mechanics of conveying a specific point was always spot-on. I also appreciated her warm and cheerful encouragement."

-- Associate Professor of Sociology

"Amy transformed my entire approach to writing by making it joyous again. She turned the daunting project of book writing into something I looked forward to.  I saw every meeting with her as one step closer to my final manuscript."

--Associate Professor, Anthropology

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